The upcoming fourth Jurassic Park sequel has been highly anticipated for a while (unless you're like me, and just waiting to see if the studio could possibly put out something worse than Jurassic Park 3), and, according to Vulture, it looks like we're all going to be waiting a lot longer before it finally hits theaters. Two years longer! Sorry, everyone.

So, the official release date? That has officially been set for June 12, 2015, which means we've got two years to make fun of this next bit of news: The film has also been given an official title, and that is—drumroll please—Jurassic World. On second thought, we might need more than two years to make fun of this one the way it deserves to be. Not only does the title sound silly, but it also makes absolutely no sense: Does it mean they'll be discovering a planet full of dinosaurs? Will dinosaurs roam our world, and eat us all? Eh, either way, sounds weird. This would be a better option, courtesy of Matt Goldberg at Collider:

Someone get this guy involved in Jurassic Park 5, then we'll talk.

[via Vulture]