Big, big news for Jennifer Lawrence. According to Variety, the Hunger Games star has signed on for a huge role in an upcoming new adaptation of John Steinbeck's East of Eden, which is being directed by Gary Ross

The book, if you've never read it (and you should), follows the story of a father and two sons in California's Salinas Valley who discover that their mother Cathy, long thought dead, has actually been working as prostitute and is a psycho that murdered her own parents. So, you know, fun family reunions ensue.

Lawrence will play a younger version of the mother (likely at the time she kills her parents)—which makes it an important role, but not necessarily a big role in terms of screentime. Variety speculates that Lawrence took the part because she was interested in working with Ross again, and her busy schedule would likely only permit a small appearance like this.

The role of Cathy was previously played by Jo Van Fleet in the 1955 version of the film. No word on who else will be joining the cast, but as it seems to still be early in pre-production, it shouldn't be long until more casting announcements are released. Jennifer Lawrence is certainly a promising start.

[via Variety]