This week in box office news: of course it's all Insidious everything, because this is the summer of new horror maestro James Wan. After hitting one out of the park earlierthis year with The Conjuring's $41.9 million opening, the sequel to Wan's hit low-budget big-returns horror flick, Insidious: Chapter 2, met the mark with $41.5 million. It now holds the record for biggest opening of a September horror film of all time, no doubt bolstered by a Friday the 13th debut. Look for Wan to make an even bigger dent at the box office next summer: he's taking the fast lane from horror to action and will helm Fast 7, due July 2014.

The Robert DeNiro-Michelle Pfeiffer-led mob comedy The Family took the number two spot, exceeding projections with a $14.5 haul. Meanwhile The Butler is still performing well, holding tight at number four and crossing the $100 million mark.

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[via EW]