How much is too much? We’ve all had those nights where we feel limitless, defeating everything the bar throws at us. No matter how many shots are consumed, we are always ready to buy the next round or take the next bar to hell.

But there are those other nights, the times when we have to be shown our woeful works in the harsh light of a hungover day. You wake to your cell phone ringing in a half-inch of party water (that unidentifiable shit left to stew in a red Solo cup). “Did you find the gash on your back yet?” Yellow, almost-jaundiced skin. Burned off patches of hair.

The real problems aren’t about the benders, but the patterns. Bartenders from bars you don’t remember drinking in know your name. Most friends describe you by your ability to drink. You feel more comfortable with something strong in each hand, so no one feels left out.

It’s time to tone it down. Here are 10 ways to tell that you're drinking too much.