The powerful and fearsome Wizard’s education in the arcane academy at Caldeum prepared her not for her transition into white collar life, though her subsequent self-teaching of the more portentous astral arts lent her some skills that she finds useful as an unenthusiastic and ineffectual safety manager: the skills of illusion and deceit.

Though her heart was once pure, raw ambition and sheer boredom with the modern world have sent her plummeting over the precipice of sanity. Her line of work depends wholly on one's caution and overall esteem for other human life, qualities lacking in one who so wantonly meddles with such formidable arts. She easily disregards her own wellbeing; how can she possibly be depended on to oversee the health and safety of others? Reckless, she forges on in her own forbidden studies while those for whose very lives she is responsible fall like flies around her.

Regulations under her unwatchful eye have grown dangerously lax, and workers perish by the week. Those who remain have given up the depressing task of resetting the clichéd “days since last accident” sign; too many were injured or killed simply climbing the ladder to reset those accusatory numbers back to zero.

At least she’s happy; it’s shockingly easy for one so skilled in sorcerous arts to cover up her own negligence, and with no one to oppose her the Wizard has total freedom.