Frankly, the Demon Hunter would probably be happier with a blue collar life as an exterminator, but the woman’s pride won’t let her stoop to extinguishing the pathetic existences of the lower beasts. Don’t believe for a second that her hunting days are over—but in this mundane world’s absence of Hellish and demonic monstrosities, she's forced to stalk other prey.

The name of that prey? Sales.

At first she takes to the profession as enthusiastically as she once picked up her crossbows in pursuit of the demons that tortured, murdered, and devoured the inhabitants of her village. But her hard and unforgiving essence, forged in grief and rage, was not designed for the altogether different perils of the sales floor.

Customers flee in terror from the past horrors they glimpse in her steely and frigid gaze. The hint of violence behind her counterfeit smile and stiff, insincere handshake—the cornerstone of any solid business transaction—earn her no praise from peers or superiors.

Yet her coworkers keep her around for one purpose: there’s no one they’d rather have with them during those mandatory emergency fire drills.