The Barbarian is a simple man. Yes, he saved the realms of Heaven and humanity from the ineffable hordes of Hell. But that experience, however integral in reinforcing the warrior’s indomitable strength and iron-clad sense of duty, is hardly relevant to the type of pencil-pushing employment he's relegated to in today’s world.

He’s wholly lacking in any of the skills that help the white collar workforce trudge for decades through their daily routines. He learned the arts of combat while others learned how to write in cursive. He’s never heard of Quicken.

The Barbarian’s co-workers are nervously aware of the battle axe he keeps in his desk drawer. They pain themselves to circumvent his isolated cubicle whenever possible, conjuring excuses to cease conversing and dissipate like cockroaches in sudden, blinding light when he approaches the water cooler for a tepid draught.

That suits the Barbarian just fine; he lived a lonely life before, and he finds the meek inhabitants of this office, this city, this world contemptible. It doesn’t exactly make him a team player, though, and he spends more time browsing reddit (he likes the pictures) than doing any actual work. We do envy his job security, since his bosses are too terrified to fire him.