Fail(s): My Own Worst Enemy (NBC, 2008); The Forgotten (ABC, 2009-2010); Breaking In (FOX, 2011-2012)

The patron saint of film-to-TV failures, Christian Slater is the butt of many jokes, mainly for performances that detractors classify as a bad Jack Nicholson impersonation. Talented though he may be, it's hard to stick up for the guy when his television choices have been so spotty.There was the bland, aptly titled ABC procedural The Forgotten, and the epically bad high concept (read: dumb, unsustainable premise) Dr. Jekylll-meets-Jack Bauer-by way of Jack Torrance NBC thriller My Own Worst Enemy.

But FOX's Breaking In had promise and the best reviews, not to mention a hail mary renewal that saw Slater ascend to lead. Alas, that second chance ran out rather quickly. Most would have given up at this point, but Slater is relentles. He'll star in a drama next year helmed by Kyle Killen. As in the guy behind Lone Star and Awake, two great series that didn't make it to second seasons (in Lone Star's case, a third episode). Fingers crossed that history doesn't repeat itself?