Fail(s): Missing (ABC, 2012)

Judd scored an Emmy nomination for outstanding actress in a miniseries, but a brick is still a brick, especially because Missing wasn't conceived as a miniseries. Read this interview she gave here, where she not only calls Missing event TV, which is typical shameless plugging, but acts as if her arrival on TV is an event as well, one she made the producers jump through hoops to finalize.

The best excerpt is her take on a proposed season two: "I've already brought in a couple of people to meet with the producers, people who are career Africanists and who were advisors to the UN Security Council, experts in international arms trafficking, experts in all kinds of African stuff, and they would be our story consultants." Unfortunately, those meetings were a huge waste of time, because audiences didn't exactly take to Judd as Jacqueline Bauer. Better luck next time.