Here's some terrible news to end your Wednesday with: According to Reality Blurred, A&E has inexplicably canceled Hoarders after 71 episodes, and they have no plans for an official wrap-up special or even a series finale. WORST. NEWS. EVER.

Hoarders first began airing in the summer of 2009 and, at the time, debuted as the most-watched season premiere ever on A&E. Their record was eventually bested by Duck Dynasty, but still, you'd think that, along with the fact that Hoarders directly contributed to hoarding being recognized as a real psychological issue, would be enough to merit some sort of special episode. Especially considering that the last season already finished airing in February. Just making no mention of the show ever again, after it performed so well for the network, seems slightly suspect—like, perhaps there's more to the story here.

In any case, a publicist for A&E has confirmed the cancellation, so Hoarders is officially gone from our lives without so much as a goodbye. Ugh. This hurts more than I ever thought it would.

[via Reality Blurred]