The 25 Most Hated Sitcom Characters of All Time Image via CBS Television Distribution

19. Dorian "D-Money" Long

As seen on: Moesha (UPN)
Portrayed by: William Ray Norwood Jr. a.k.a. Ray J

Before he humiliated himself by releasing an outrageous song about doing something first to a certain reality TV star, Ray J first us made us roll our eyes by playing Dorian, a.k.a. "D-Money," on Moesha. D-Money's role was being the prototypical badass (though he dressed like a B2K reject) that couldn't stand being part of a decent family. Ya'll just don't understand, man. Sigh .

He was getting into so much trouble (and so badly on our nerves) that the show's producers sent D-Money to boot camp and the army before the show was over. Still D-Money came back. OK, for a good number of episodes the moody Dorian was searching for his birth mother. We took that into consideration and, eh, he's still annoying.

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