J.K Rowling and Warner Brother Studios are at it again. The acclaimed writer is working with Warner Brothers on a new book series, and if all goes to plan, more Harry Potter console titles.

Titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the new story/film series is neither a prequel or sequel to the Harry Potter franchise, but will take place in the same wizarding universe and may contain some of the same characters readers have grown to love. Taking place 70 years prior to the Harry Potter books, the series is an attempt to continue the success of possibly the most popular series of this generation.

"In addition to the film series, Fantastic Beasts will also be developed across [Warner Bros.'] video game, consumer products and digital initiatives businesses, including enhanced links with Pottermore.com, Rowling's digital online experience built around the Harry Potter stories," said Warner Bros.

Games for all previous Potter books were produced by Electronic Arts and as of now it is unclear if they will continue on that path, or license the rights out to another developer.

Let us know if this is something you are looking forward to and keep an eye out as more information on the series will surely be coming soon. 

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[via: CVG]