Working retail is a bitch, huh?

During the midnight release of GTA V, a Gamestop store manager got into a argument with a customer when he tried to give her a business ID instead of a normal photo ID when going to pick up his copy. Store policy requires a standard government issue ID when picking up a preorder game, and not a privatley issued ID. 

The argument was caught on camera and has since been posted all over the internet, gaining large views and opinions and comments are pouring in. What seemingly sent this avid gamer over the edge was the managers comment to release his business ID card so people could call and make fun of him. 

This is hardly the worst retail situation that could occur, and could of been easily avoided if handled differently. Gamestop apparently launched an "investigation" in the matter and the rumor circulationg now is the store manager has been fired.

Check out the video yourself, and let us know who you side with.

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