The GTA series is known for its unbelievably meticulous commitment to platform details and, as dedicated fans spend more time with the game following its release earlier this week, we’re learning about a lot of its new features.

Kotaku uncovered what appears to be a not-so-subtle dig at Facebook in a mission in the game that takes players through the offices of Lifeinvader, a Los Santos, California-based company set on “full on, weapons grade, red alert, world domination.”

Lifeinvader’s CEO appears to be inspired by  Mark Zuckerberg, down to allegations that he stole the idea for the company from former business partners. Lifeinvader’s motto, sprawled on a wall in the game, is similarly Facebook-like, too: “Data is there to be shared.” There’s also a whiteboard in the office that reads “'Remember! We aren't ripping them off if they don't read the T&Cs', with word ‘privacy’ crossed out.”

But here’s where it gets creepy: according to the Daily Mail, players are tasked with assassinating Zuckerberg’s doppelganger by handing him an explosive lodged in a cell phone. Too far?

[via Kotaku]