In the 1770s, thousands of men, young and old, fought for the right to call this great land the United States of America. Centuries later, their bloody pursuit for freedom is still remembered as we complain about the government, avoid voting, and overeat. We can't really help out with the first two, but we know something about food. Especially when it involves the pork angel that is bacon. The rest of the world indulges in the savory goodness but no place does it quite like 'Murica. 

In typical, American fashion, we overdo it. We put bacon on burgers, pizza, salad (pro tip: not actually healthy anymore, and croutons won't save you), and pretty much anything else that comes across our dinner tables on a plate.

But how often have you slid a slice off your bacon burger and into your ice cream? Well these chefs have and thank the stars and stripes they did. Because they gave us the 20 greatest bacon desserts across the nation. These restaurants nationwide are doing their patriotic duty to serve the good people of this great country sugary-savory dishes to finish off their super size bacon cheeseburger supreme. Crack open a beer, turn on some baseball and take a look at this list. If not for you, do it for your country.

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