Machinima has produced a trailer for our dream port of Grand Theft Auto V as a 16-bit version for Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis.

Imagine playing Grand Theft Auto V as a 16-bit console game, in fact we're hoping someone mods this into a version of GTA so we can play it as an arcade inside the game. Players can watch movies in-game already so why not?

Grand Theft Auto V is fast on its way to becoming the best selling entertainment property in history after crushing a billion dollars in retail sails in just the three days after it's release. We're still trying to stay focused and finish the game but can't stop ourselves getting destracted by jacking cars and stealing submarines.

It may be wise so go ahead and clear your calendar for the next three months since Grand Theft Auto V Online launches on October 1 and then the massive detail and interaction of the game will be truly exploited.

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[Via Machinima]