Google Glass is doing what glass has always done: break.

Just six months after the launch of its "Explorer" protoype edition, many users who paid the $1,500 for the beta Google Glass have reported that the device's glass prism is shattering. Chris Barrett, an early Google Glass adopter, posted the picture above of his broken Glass prism. “First, a few weeks ago the side of the prism started to delaminate,” Barrett said. “Then I wore Glass to Made in America festival two weekends ago and … the trackpad stopped working.  You could still manually take photos, you could still use voice commands, but you couldn’t swipe.”

Probably the most famous Google Glass user (outside of Google founder Sergey Brin) is Robert Scoble, who reported his Glass breaking down just last week, saying that his Glass' prism had totally "disintegrated."

Google has been good at offering free replacements, though, with users only having to send back their pair in a box that Google sends them—but only if they know the damage wasn't self-inflicted. Most users have blamed the breakage on the case the comes with Glass, so if you have one now and it's still in good shape, it would probably be a good investment to get yourself a new case. But, the Explorer edition of Glass is a prototype version, so if damages are going to occur due to quality, then it's better that it happens now rather than later, once the device is on the heads of thousands (if not millions) of more people.

[via Venture Beat]