Technological advancement and innovation gives the world, and especially us priveleged 'Muricans, constant access to information. Unfortunately for us priveleged 'Muricans, 95 percent of it is irrelevant. Your coworker's tweets about why she's still #teamchrisbrown, news anchors discussing Kanye West's girlfriend's baby, and any time Miley Cyrus moves her butt—all information you could've lived without. 

Don't worry, we're here to weed out the unecessary and educate you on exactly what you need to know about this great nation. We deliver only the most vital: how many McDonalds exist in a 10 mile radius of your neighborhood, the best states to celebrate 4/20 in, and the states with the least attractive residents (cuffing soon is fast approaching). Here are 20 maps that reveal everything you need to know about the United States. We apologize in advance to Texans.

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