No, they duck that made its way inside of the New York City subway isn't deseprate to live as humans live, nor is it a human who was a real prick in their past lifetime. It's the work of Aflac, who brought it into the subway as part of a marketing campaign.

Things like this tend to upset the MTA. Spokesman Adam Lisberg wasn't amused when he spoke to Gothamist about the stunt:

"Ducks don’t belong on the subway, especially waddling through stations, and especially not when they’re used as part of a publicity stunt that makes it harder for our customers to get around. We did not know about this stunt, we did not approve it, and we’ve made clear to Aflac that it was improper. New Yorkers know that animals are only allowed in the subway when they’re enclosed in containers that will prevent them from annoying any other passengers."

Campaigns of this nature tend to upset PETA, as well. The agency was troubled by the decision to "[take] a live duck into a busy New York City subway station," and also voiced their concerns to Gothamist:

"A subway station is no place for a duck, who can't possibly understand the reason for all the noise and commotion of an everyday commute, let alone a gathering crowd with flashing cameras. Aflac has been so creative in the past with its use of computer-generated imagery, puppets, and others alternatives to live animals in its ads, and we're hopeful that in the future Aflac will leave live ducks out of its publicity stunts and use its creative power to come up with a kinder way to grab the public's attention."

The duck deserves better than this.

[via Gothamist]