DJ Holiday knows a lot about multi-tasking. As a guy who got his start DJing in college, he’s learned to juggle a lot of different things at once. But even he needs a little help sometimes. “Being on the move as much as we are,” he says, “you have to be on top of your media game,” which is precisely why he depends on the Lenovo Yoga.

“It’s just very user friendly,” he says. “I love the Flip-and-Fold design.” From playing games with his niece to staying connected with his fans to finding new music to play through the Yoga’s amazing external speakers, this tablet/laptop hybrid gives DJ Holiday everything he needs. “It’s durable, it’s flexible, you can take it anywhere,” he says. “You can put it in your backpack and just go.” For a man who’s always on the move, there are fewer things more useful than that.

To see more about how DJ Holiday keeps his head on straight, check out the video above.