Most recent projects: Anna Nicole (2013), Franklin and Bash (2013), NYC 22 (2012)

As Mike Newhouse, Adamn Goldberg played the nebbish, neurotic outcast who finally stands up for himself by punching a misplaced '50s greaser. Sure, the consequence is him getting his ass kicked and crying, but he's finally seized that moment that high schoolers are always searching for.

In the years after Dazed and Confused, Goldberg has brought that same neurosis to a number of film and television roles. He was in Higher Learning, appeared on Friends and in Saving Private Ryan, Deja Vu, and Zodiac. On HBO's Entourage, he was Nicky Rubenstein. Most recently Goldberg played Anna Nicole Smith's former attorney and partner, Howard K. Stern, in Lifetime's made-for-television biopic, Anna Nicole.