Call of Duty: Ghosts executive producer Mark Rubin told OXM that Xbox One version of Infinity Ward's hit shooter will include some Kinect voice commands. Rubin sees potential in the system but the studio is taking the slow approach to the technology.

"We're doing some stuff, not really mentioning it yet," Rubin stated to OXM. "It's mostly menu stuff, so you can work all the menus with Kinect--that's a big thing that Microsoft's pushing. We need to see where it goes before we jump into it."

If what Rubin says is true, then we can expect voice navigation through most of the games released on Xbox One; at least in respect to menus. But Infinity ward is more wary of integrating voice commands into actual gameplay.

"We've never really been the company that thinks it has to be first in the line for tech," he said. "It's the tortoise and the hare thing, and we'd rather be the tortoise, take our time on the tech and make sure it's right.

"So we haven't jumped into that yet, but some really interesting things came up, some interesting ideas - especially the voice - there's a lot of potential for voice in the game, and I'm hoping we can explore that. Whether it makes it into this game, I'm not a 100 percent sure, but definitely in the future, I think there's some really cool stuff there," he said.

Call of Duty: Ghosts drops on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC November 5, with next-gen versions to follow. Check out the crazy single player campaign trailer released yesterday for Ghosts.

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[Via OXM]