Despite competing against the Emmys, Sunday Night Football's broadcast of the Bears/Steelers game, and Showtime's Dexter series finale last night, Breaking Bad managed to hit another series high in the ratings last night: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the AMC series pulled in a record 6.6 million viewers last night, which is about 300,000 more than last week's episode, "Ozymandias." 

The breakdown of the ratings was even more impressive. In the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic, the episode pulled in a record 4.3 million viewers, and in the 25-45 demo, about 3.7 million viewers.

For some context to show how impressive this is: The penultimate episode in last year's half-season, "Say My Name," only pulled in 2.98 viewers total. Basically, the audience has grown by over 3 million viewers in the past year, and, with the series finale set to air next week, is poised to rise one more time before the show ends.

In addition to topping itself in the ratings, Breaking Bad also took home its first Emmy for best drama series last night, and star Anna Gunn won in the best supporting actress category. 

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]