Regardless of how you may feel about Heavy Rain director David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream, it’s hard to deny that the videogame auteur is doing his best to push the medium of games forward in interesting ways whenever possible. Beyond: Two Souls looks in many ways even more emotionally mature and intense than Heavy Rain (which, to be fair, is still an important game) following over a decade in the life of a young girl who has a mysterious psychic connection with an otherworldly being and thus allowing the player to see how that relationship affects and informs her quest for identity.

Luckily, Sony’s releasing a demo of the PS3 game a week before launch, giving you a chance to try out two scenes in what what I can only imagine is the Cage-esque dichotomy of action and emotion. Even better news: it looks like Cage’s writing this time surpasses the woeful average of most triple-A scripts, setting the bar higher than Heavy Rain’s. Look forward to checking out the game on Oct. 1, a week before the final game drops.