A Georgia woman was arrested after leaving her seven children alone in a motel room so she could go to Miami this past weekend. According to authorities, Bernadette Hester, 29, left the kids—ages 3 months to 10 years—at the unfortunately named Extended Stay Motel. 

Authorities in DeKalb County, Ga. say they received a phone call from hotel staff explaining their dire need for assistance because they had discovered a room full of children without any food. Police were forced to feed them.

According to DeKalb County Police Capt. Michael Reynolds, the oldest child told them how to get in contact with their mother. "The mother was down in Miami, Fla. at the time we talked with her and the kids advised us they had been there since Saturday unsupervised," he told WSBTV.

As soon as Hester returned from her vacation, she was arrested. The children were handed over to the Department of Family and Children Services; Hester remains in custody on seven counts of cruelty for children—one for each child.

Let's be better than this, people. This is disgusting.

[via WSBTV]