It's just about October, meaning Halloween is almost here, meaning it's almost time to tell scary stories around a campfire—if you're into that. If you are, in fact, into that, Bacon Weave S'mores will make the occasion even more enjoyable. 

Created by DudeFoods, this treat contains bacon strips weaved into layers, a chocolate bar and marshmallow, all melted to perfection:

Since the chocolate and marshmallow melt so easily that if you make these you’ll want to make sure that your bacon weave squares are completely cooked before you add the two final ingredients. After adding the chocolate and marshmallow it was just a quick 30 seconds in the microwave until my Bacon Weave S’mores were ready to eat!

They're part camping trip and part barbecue, and you can even enjoy them in the privacy of your own home. Afterwards, thank DudeFoods for continuing to push boundaries when it comes to food.

[via DudeFoods]