Artillery is an HTML5 gaming platform that claims it "turns the modern browser into a game console." After watching this video you may begin to believe it. Browser gaming has been steadily getting better and better as the depth of features of HTML5 are further explored.

Set for launch next year, this video shows some gameplay and developer tools used to create the real-time strategy game Project Atlas, running on the platform.

"Our browser-based platform will be transformative for the industry," said Artillery CEO Ankur Pansari. "It makes core games easier to develop, play and enjoy, and provides everyone with a browser, access to triple A quality games typically only playable using a console or PC download."

Earlier this month Artillery announced that Starcraft eSports champion Sean "Day[9]" Plott as the company's head of games. "Project Atlas is designed specifically as an accessible, multiplayer experience," said Plott. "Players click a link, and a few seconds later they are all playing together."

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[Via Polygon]