This trailer does a pretty good job of explaining exactly what Need For Speed is with somewhat Walter White-esque dialogue like "I. Will. Triumph," but in the interest of clarifying—just in case—here's the movie in a nutshell: Basically, Aaron Paul drives a car pretty fast because he's a street racer who was framed for a crime he didn't commit, he's in love with Imogen Poots, and he decides to get revenge on the rich, powerful guy who framed him...but ends up with a bunch of people trying to kill him because, pro-tip, that is what happens when you try and get revenge on a rich guy.

He also has a habit of giving speechs about his plans for revenge, apparently, if this trailer is any indication—and the movie might be a cross between any Fast and Furious movie and Drive. It looks that way, anyway. Jesse Pinkman, what are you doing over there? 

Need for Speed, which also stars Dominic Cooper, Scott Mescudi, and Michael Keaton, will hit theaters nationwide on March 14th. Until then, you can check the first trailer up above.

[via Indiewire]