There are many reasons not to talk to women in coffee shops. Dropping a pick-up line over a cappachino is almost as cliché as chatting up a woman in a bar. Ladies often visit their barista to escape their apartment and get work done in peace. Urban coffee shops are often more crowded than public buses. While all of this is true, coffee shops are also a public space where attractive, intelligent women congregate, and let's face it, there aren't very many. Swallow your pride and approach with caution. If she is typing frantically on her laptop or reviewing papers that look like they might be part of her job, maybe hold off. If after you introduce yourself she doesn't seem into it, do the polite thing and fuck off. Live to sip that latté another day. Finally, beware of spitting game if you are a regular. If she commonly frequents the spot as well, you're setting yourself up to relive your rejection every time you order that dark roast.