When I moved to New York City, a friend said to me, "You know, there are New York people, there are L.A. people, and there are career people." I often find myself thinking about how right he was. One of the most annoying parts of living in New York City is listening to people who "just love New York," and believe that it is "the greatest city in the world." While you may not always see the appeal of trying to find a bar that isn't packed to the gills as the harsh winds cool your dollar pizza or being forced to listen to a mariachi band while waiting for an hour to catch a weekend subway, some people honestly love it. I like to think I'm a "career person," in that I could make rural Minnesota work if I had to (apologies to my Vikings fans, you guys already have it hard enough). The point is, if there's a place that you love, why not live there? We've all met some older person who constantly sings the praises of their favorite city and has never spent a meaningful amount of time there. They love London or Paris or Beijing so much, yet they've only been once or twice. If there is a place you want nothing more than to spend your time in, why aren't you there? Regardless of your concept of the afterlife, you likely don't believe you'll be spending it in San Francisco or Seattle, so if there's some place you want to be, life's too short not to be there.