Buy It Now: The DEWS Toothbrush is still in concept stage.

There are many things that are impossible to balance in life, from your irresponsibly managed check book to your multiple secret families. While we can't help with those higher degree of difficulty situations, it looks like you may soon be able to bring balance to your toothbrush game. We're all tired of placing our toothbrushes in small porcelain cups that we end up breaking anyway, and those mini-toothbrush racks are hard to navigate first thing in the morning. Soon enough, you might be liberated from the tyranny of toothbrush containers thanks to the good people at Ryan Harc.

This dextrous toothbrush is amazing, and like most amazing things, it isn't available yet. Though the design of the DEWS toothbrush has earned industry awards and a fair share of blog attention, it is not yet in mass production. We'll be waiting with baited breath for the day that we can leave our clumsy old toothbrushes behind.