As seen on: The Real World: Seattle (1998)

One scene fated Stephen Williams to forever be remembered as one of the worst reality stars of all time: In an episode of 1998’s The Real World: Seattle, Irene announces that she had Lyme disease, and that she was making the decision to leave the series because the “toxic environment” wasn’t good for her health. As she was preparting to leave in a cab, she got into an intense fight with Stephen in front of the entire cast. She said that a marriage between the two would never work because, “you’re a homosexual, Stephen.”

Stephen went crazy, proceeding to tell her she was wrong, calling her a bitch, throwing  her favorite teddy bear into the river, then—in the most shocking moment—hitting her right in the face. Right. In. The. Face. That's how you live a life of infamy.

Fun fact: Stephen came out in 2008.