As seen on: The Princes of Malibu (2005); The Hills (2006-2010); I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here! (2009); Celebrity Big Brother (2013)

Before Sammi and Ron were taking over Jersey Shore with their ridiculous relationship problems, there was Spencer and Heidi on The Hills, faking breakups, make-ups, and addictions to buying expensive, mystical rocks. OK, that last one was just Pratt, and it was hilarious, but our point stands: This guy ruined the show. When he first joined the cast alongside reality television vet Brody Jenner, he wasn’t so bad—and his love of stepping out on Heidi with Playboy bunnies was entertaining for a show like The Hills, which feeds off drama to survive.

It soon became clear, however, that Pratt had been watching one too many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and was obsessed with becoming famous for doing nothing. He, along with Montag, alienated the rest of the cast, and began faking fights and posing for the paparazzi like it was their day job.  Actually, it was—their main source of income was tabloids, which is why he and his bride are now broke, and living with his parents in Santa Barbara. Glam life!

We really can’t hate on his faux-obsession with magical rocks, though. That was golden television.