There's no other word for this than genius. The folks at YouTube's Official Comedy channel have married all the hallmarks of a typical Woody Allen film with Marvel's favorite mutant to create a clip for the movie we all wish actually existed.

Taking cues mostly from Allen's classic Annie Hall, Wolverine is seen here as the mutant Alvy Singer - neurotic, anxious, self-loathing - but with claws that spring out at the most inopportune moments, like when he's trying to romance Rogue Hall (which probably should've been Jean Grey instead but, whatever). Wolverine battling ninjas in Japan is cool, but Wolverine on a therapist couch, bemoaning his dating struggles to Cyclops, and experiencing performance anxiety in front of a mugger is awesome, and the possibilites for more are endless. Just imagine Logan Singer crossing paths with Sabretooth as Tony Lacey.

Watch the clip in the video above.