Microsoft is polishing up the final touches of Windows 8.1 right now, gearing up for a release of the update in October.

As of now, here's what to expect: there will be a lot of multitasking improvements, Live Tiles will be smaller, menus will be similar to Windows phone menus, Skype is pre-installed and Bing's search engine will be built into the interface. So, in case you're having trouble catching on to the new improvements—or you've never used Windows 8 before—Microsoft will have you covered with a number of tutorials to help you get the most out of the OS update. 

Though Facebook and Flickr photo integration are dropped, SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud service, is now fully integrated into the Photos app. The Mail app is also updated, and will include a new sidebar that will show categories, folders, and favorite people. You'll also be able to drag and drop items, and open new windows to multitask on the fly.

Excited about the new update? October isn't that far away.

[via CNET]