Four football players from William Patterson University were able to get inside of Buddy’s Small Lots store in Wayne, N.J. on Tuesday after it was closed due to a broken lock. Rather than rob the place blind, they left money for the items they took, even going as far as to include tax. What an honest group of young men. 

They entered the store on Sunday night, thinking it was still open because of the broken lock and the fact that the lights were still on. The stores that flank Buddy's were also reportedly still open. When they couldn't find a store clerk, they placed the money on the counter and left. 

Buddy's director of operations Marci Lederman was delighted by the honesty these young men displayed. "I think that there are still wonderful people in this world that have a sense of honor and dignity," she said. She also invited them to return to the store, which they did, calling themselves the "good guy burglars." Jelani BruceAnthony BiondiKell’E Gallimore and Thomas James all received $50 gift certificates to the store. 

Bruce explained that they were looking for dorm room items, but were in a rush to get back to practice. "We had to get to practice, because we were running a little late," he explained. "So we decided to put the money on the counter instead of stealing it, because that's just not right." 

See, there are honest people in the word. We hope their coach gave the entire team a speech about character in the wake of this.

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