Best known for: Francis Underwood, House of Cards (Netflix)
Weirdest role: Clyde, Fred Claus (2007)

Everyone takes jobs for a paycheck from time to time, but Spacey's record is almost spotless. Since Glengarry Glenn Ross, Spacey has had the cache to avoid the more embarassing projects that mar many actor's resumes—with the exception of Fred Claus. If you're anything like us, you know that Fred Claus bombed, but you haven't actually seen it. Available plot synopses describe something that not only sucks, but is also really weird. The film stars Vince Vaughn as Santa's bitter older brother who becomes a repo man. Spacey plays a villainous efficiency expert, joining a supporting cast that somehow includes Paul Giamatti as Santa, Elizabeth Banks playing an elf, and Rachel Weisz as Vaughn's girlfriend.

No, we have no idea how this film got made either. Too bad it didn't do much to help get more original films made in Hollywood. Back to tent-poles.