Best known for: Elaine Benes, Seinfeld (NBC)Selina Meyer, Veep (HBO)
Weirdest role: Lisa Stimson, Soul Man (1986)

The time between Seinfeld and Veep wasn't exactly a cake walk for Louis-Dreyfuss, who landed mostly voiceover work, small roles in Woody Allen films, and short-lived sitcoms in those post-Seinfeld days. Louis-Dreyfus was no stranger to the struggle by that point, as she put up with some less than stellar projects in her pre-Elaine period as well. The strangest and most offensive film of Dreyfus' career has to be Soul Man. If ever there was one film that accidentally illustrated just how far we as a culture had to go in terms of race, Soul Man was it. The plot featured a spoiled rich white kid (C. Thomas Howell) posing as a black man in order to get into Harvard Law School. How did Howell pass as a black man? Well, he took magic pills that changed his skin color.

The film was predictably met with protests, and, depressingly, was a box office success.