Where do TV stars come from? No, we're not talking about in the procreation sense—hopefully your parents or the cool older kids smoking cigarettes on the playground have already covered that. We're talking about how you go from playing the role of "Quarterback (uncredited)" to transforming yourself into Walter White.

Some actors simply catapult right into a juicy childhood role that they ride to stardom or come straight out of acting school and into the big leagues. Most actors aren't so lucky. Almost every professional actor goes through an awkward phase, or at least a strange job or two. Even child stars like Claire Danes end up making some interesting choices on the path to greatness. Others, like Steve Buscemi and Bryan Cranston, have worked so much over the years that you could spend hours digging through the strange roles they've tackled at one point or another.

There is no such thing as an overnight success and for many actors, there is not such thing as an overdecade success. Thanks to the Internet, the roles that these performers tackled on the way to the top are forever at our finger tips. From children's show villains to Santa Claus' efficiency expert, here are The Weirdest Roles Played By Your Favorite TV Actors.

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