There's no confirmation on this yet, but we're just going to hold out hope that miracles will happen and the stars will align once more to make this possibility a reality. According to Deadline, bestest best friends ever Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have been asked by NBC to save—host, we mean host—the Golden Globes again next year. All the exclamation marks in the world don't describe what we are feeling right now.

The decision was apparently a no brainer for the network: Fey and Poehler's hosting gig last year pulled in a massive 19.7 million viewers, and the reviews were wonderful (as they are of anything these two seem to touch). Still, nothing is official just yet—"I hear there are no active conversations between the network and the funny ladies who have received an informal invitation versus a formal offer as NBC and DCP are looking to gauge their interest,"—but, as both ladies have new projects on the way, the hosting gig would be a good way to promote without even putting in that much effort. From Deadline:

Globes hosting gig normally is a couple-week commitment, which makes it manageable for in-demand personalities like Fey and Poehler. NBC and DCP are expected to open more active conversations with the pair next month as the goal is to have a host in place by end of November, before nominations are announced in December.

If we could just make Tina Fey and Amy Poehler the host of everything from now on, that'd be great, thanks.

[via Deadline]