10 Things From "The O.C." We Wish Were Real

Atomic County comic

Technically, this became a reality as a merchandising scheme for the show, and we couldn't be more happy about it. In 2006, it was released by Warner Bros. as a spin-off animated series that was comprised of 14 episodes, each under five minutes. The entire collection, still credited to the fictional Seth Cohen and Zach Stevens, can be bought on iTunes

For those unfamiliar with it, Atomic County was the comic book developed by Zach and Seth, who inadvertently came up with the idea doodling Summer in various superhero costumes as a way to cope with their break-up. Think of the plot of The O.C. but in superhero form, starring the main cast's animated counterparts: The Ironist (Seth Cohen), Little Miss Vixen (Summer Roberts), Kid Chino (Ryan Atwood), and Cosmo Girl (Marissa Cooper). 

Now, if only Warner Bros. invested in a second season...

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