So: I was considering a vote for Anthony Weiner before all this happened. 
Uh-oh. Did I ruin that for you? 

You did. Now I’m going to vote for someone else, and not explicitly because of those texts—but they didn’t help. 
Yeah, I understand that. I’m sorry if I dashed your Anthony Weiner hopes and dreams. I didn’t mean to. 

No need to apologize. But how does it make you feel to know that you might be changing votes? 
I’m a little conflicted on it because part of me thinks back to last summer and how close I was to him. Then I think, “Oh, am I being disloyal?” Then I realize I never owed this man anything. I’m not married to him. I do feel like the voters deserve to know the truth. I feel like if I didn’t come forward, another woman would have. We all know he’s admitted that there were other women. 

Why do you think those other women haven’t come forward?
They’re probably seeing what’s happening to me and they’re terrified. Seriously.  

So if you had seen this happen to someone else, would you have still come out? 
I don’t think so. I really don’t. I think I would have been way too afraid of the backlash and the frenzy. 

Of all the people you've spoken with since you've started, who's been the most disgusted by you?
Well, I'm assuming you're hoping for a media name. 

Oh, definitely.
Honestly, most people in the media have been really nice to me. Even Sean Hannity, who I expected to be rude to me, was so nice to me. 

Something tells me if Weiner were a Republican he wouldn't have been so nice to you.
Yeah, I totally know that. [Laughs.] It's been more just strangers than media personalities. 

Do any of those interactions stick out? 
No. They're all kind of the same. Everyone's pretty unoriginal.

What's been the most exciting part of this whole process for you? 
People are going to think this is crazy, but I had so much fun at my photo shoot. That was amazing. Going on Howard Stern was amazing. I've had a lot of fun with the opportunities that I've been presented with. 

YOLO to all that?
[Laughs.] Exactly.

Do you think the media are a bunch of suckers for giving you this much attention? 
I think the media are like unmedicated children with ADD, or something, you know? It's bizarre to me. They get fixated on such strange or unimportant things, and it's like they cannot let it go, they cannot let it die. 

You were in The New York Times, too.
See, I don't know any of this, because I've been like, sheltering myself from it all.

Right next to news about Syria, or something.
That's insane to me! [Laughs.] Syria's much more important than me doing a photo shoot or whatever.

I think so, too. 
I'm not so deluded to think I'm really this important person now. I'm really not at all! [Laughs.]

I wanted to read you a few things that have been written about you. 

This is from a Jezebel post

Leathers' actions are hurtful to people who did nothing wrong — like Weiner's wife and son — and therefore, if you believe that hurting people is wrong, flaunting those actions and causing collateral emotional damage in the process is immoral. Just because Anthony Weiner is a bigger jerk doesn't mean that Sydney Leathers is not also a jerk, and [her] defensive, incoherent, and transparently wounded tone...doesn't do her any favors.

How does that make you feel? 
It's still surprising, but it's nothing I haven't heard before. I'm not gonna go cry about it, by any means. But as I've said before: I do feel badly for Huma. I really, really do. But then again, I'm not married to her. If anyone should be groveling, it's him. Not me.


I think the media are like unmedicated children with ADD, or something, you know? It's bizarre to me. They get fixated on such strange or unimportant things, and it's like they cannot let it go, they cannot let it die.


Would you ever apologize to Huma? 
I don't think she wants an apology from me, because I'm no one to her. If that makes sense. It's between her and her husband, and they have to work it out, and I'm not important. I'm not so delusional to think that I'm in their every discussion. 

Regarding the tape that will come out of the photo shoot, in order of sexiniess—one being Hulk Hogan, five being Farrah Abraham, 10 being Kim Kardashian—how would you rate your own tape?
Is Kim Kardashian really the sexiest?

As high a bar for DIY arthouse-style sex tape proportional to its cultural impact, sure. 
Umm...I don't really want to rate myself, but I will say I had so much fun on the photo shoot, and everyone made me feel really comfortable, and they were so professional, and I felt great about my body. It was just wonderful. I'm not out here saying, 'Hey, young girls, take your clothes off.' I'm not trying to be a role model for anyone. I'm a young adult, it's my life, I'm just doing what feels right to me in the moment.

In the Howard Stern interview, you asked, rhetorically: "How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re coming [ejaculating] like five times a day?” 
I did. [Laughs.]

But you also said it never took him very long to "bust." So, the question is then...
Oh, it didn't always happen so fast, but sometimes it happened really fast…if that clears anything up.

Even if that is the case, how many times is the acceptable amount of times a day for the mayor of a larger-than-average metropolis to bust?
[Laughing.] I'm gonna say two, tops. 

Now what if this were Seattle?
Sure, maybe three! I don't know. I'm not a masturbation expert.

On that note: Do you watch Downton Abbey?
Actually, I don't.

That's too bad.
But it's something I've saved on Netflix. I just haven't gotten around to it.

But what about Mad Men?
I love Mad Men. I love Homeland and Damages, also. I love a good legal drama.

You ever seen House of Cards?
Love House of Cards.

See any parallels?
Yeah, I've mentioned that. People made fun of that. But what they don't know is that Anthony's the one who actually brought up the similarities, before I even could. I was just in the beginning of the series.

Uh, spoiler alert much, Anthony Weiner?
No, he didn't [spoil] it. He was kind of just like, "Wait and see…." 

Seems clear that Anthony Weiner, House of Cards fan, has been exhibiting a pattern of behavior. So it's not unfair to assume that you're in the midst of a pattern, too. Prior to this, had you engaged in extra-relationship affairs or sexting? 
Yeah, I had. A lot of young people have met someone or had a boyfriend and sexted with them. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. But I've never done anything to try to get myself in the spotlight, for sure.

What's the next move in the pattern for you, though? Do you ever worry about the psychology of trust if or when you try to get into a new relationship?
Of course. It is something that I worry about. It's not just the fact that they're gonna have trouble trusting me—I'm going to have so much trouble trusting the next guy that's in my life. I mean: Look at the situation. I have people I haven't talked to since elementary school that try to float things about me in the press. You really learn that you can't trust anyone when you get the smallest amount of attention. 

People have said some massively shitty things about you.
Oh yeah. And I've had ex-boyfriends texting me out of nowhere, and I know better than to respond, because the second that I respond, it'll be all over...whatever website. 

Some of these things—"she knew exactly what she was doing when she put herself into that," "he was so stupid to get involved with someone like her," "her main goal was to become fam..."
Yeah, the guy that said that, the thing that "he was so stupid to get involved with her"—he also said that I had a coke problem, which has never been true, and the funniest part about all of that? He was an adult when he dated me and I was a teenager, I was 17 years old. Who's the bad person in that situation? 

Oh really, now? 
Exactly. And like I said, I was 17 years old when I dated this guy. And he was already 22. At least. We weren't even in high school at the same time or anything. 

[Ed. note: We should probably note here that we didn't get a chance to ask Leathers what state this went down in, but that the age of consent for both Illinois and Indiana—the states Ms. Leathers grew up in—is 17 and 16, respectively.]

Feel free to name this person!
I'm just trying not to get myself in trouble. I don't know that my manager wanted me to directly respond to him and give him the chance to say more shit that isn't true. I will say that it was a National Enquirer article. So that tells you how low everyone in that situation is.

Let's play a round of word association: "Cocktease."
I wouldn't call myself a tease, because he was getting off. 

Touche! Theoretical time: Would you rather be a nun who's completely abstinent but saves children with cancer, or the Sydney Leathers of the last three weeks? 
I would rather be myself.

Angelina Jolie or Mother Theresa? 
Angelina Jolie, obviously. I actually don't like Mother Theresa. I don't think it's right to go to countries that have been ravaged by AIDS and tell them not to use condoms.

On Howard Stern's show, you said that Anthony Weiner was a "needy little bitch who needs his ego stroked." 

Have you ever heard the expression "takes one to know one"?

Do you think...
that I was a needy little bitch?

…Who needs her ego stroked?
[Pause.] Yeah, I don't think—not in that situation, at least. I was not a needy little bitch in that situation because—I don't know if I said this on Stern, [Weiner] would block his phone number when he called me. So he was only able to call me, and I wasn't able to blow up his phone all day. 

What do you think you want for yourself in 10, 15 years? 
That's such a long time, I don't—I don't know if I've ever thought that far ahead for myself. I know this is going to sound corny, and I don't know what direction I'm going to go in, but I just want what everyone wants. I want to be happy and healthy, you know? [Laughs.]

One last thing: As you've been going through all of this, what have you been listening to lately? 
Like, music-wise? I actually...

[Laughs.] No. I actually have really weird tastes in music. I don't listen to country like everyone from my area does. I love Kanye, which is actually kind of embarrassing to admit since he's like, with Kim, and I'm not a huge fan of hers. 

Have you listened to Yeezus?
I have.

What's your favorite song from Yeezus?  
Oh, that's so hard. I love the whole album, obviously. And I love Lana Del Rey, she's like, my major girl-crush. Chancellor Warhol, "Games," I like a lot of songs of his. Let's see…I like Frank Ocean....

Frank Ocean, right, but if you had to pick just one song off of Yeezus….
OK, let me think about it. That's a really tough question. I literally play that album the whole way through every time I listen to it, from start to end.

It's one of those albums.
OK, "Blood on the Leaves" is really good.


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