In the third installment of the enlightening Tropes vs Women in Video Games, Anita Sarkeesian looks at the "ironic sexism" that seemed to accompany many retro games. The series sheds light on the crudeness of some games and actually tries to offer some solutions for future developers.

So we're really interested about what they’re going to have to say when the inevitable first round of Oculus Rift adult entertainment games hit the market. Mega64 takes a poke at its impact on relationships. We know games like Wicked Paradise are going to be there one way or another, we're just wondering what kind of new social norms this is going to unlock.

Speaking of dressing in leather and hopping around rooms with zipper masks, the multiplayer modes for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins looks sick. Players get to choose between heroes and thugs and battle it out online, unlocking the Jocker or Bane to take down the Bats and Robin.