At this point, Pretty Little Liars needs to stop tangling the web its weaved and start unraveling some mysteries. Last night's episode, “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” aired a few moments that complicate the case of the mysterious A team more than could ever be found enjoyable by viewers. For starters, that British chap Wren—you know, the one Spencer homewrecked her sister's engagement with in season one—is now Mona's doctor, and he's seen making shady calls to an anonymous psycho. Meanwhile, Toby's attempt to find out the truth about his mother's death at Radley ties in yet another person to the mystery, Mrs. DiLaurentis. And don't even get us started on Mrs. DiLaurentis channeling her lonely cat lady syndrome on Emily. For details on that and more, just read what the fans had to spoil: Twitter recaps PLL, season 4, episode 10.

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