Cause of death: Crushed by a piano
When it happened: Nov 1983
Where it happened: San Francisco

Condor Club is most famous for opening in 1964 as the first topless bar in the world. Today you can get a drink called "Sex on the Piano," but you'll be shocked to find out how the beverage got its name. It actually alludes and pays homage to a horrible death that happened in 1983. Jimmy Ferrozzo, a bouncer at the club, decided to lay his girlfriend, Theresa Hill, down for some late night lovin' after closing the club one night. They were doing it on the club's baby grand piano, which would be lowered from the ceiling every day while the topless dancers did their thing on top of it. The couple ended up accidentally activating the lift, hauling the piano toward the ceiling. Ferrozzo was crushed to death, while Hill lie trapped beneath him.