On the 10th anniversary of the O.C.'s premiere, we're sad to report that an Orange County sheriff's deputy has been accused of secretly pepper spraying a teen's pizza. Imagine something similar happening to Ryan Atwood in the O.C. pilot; it would've set an even more dramatic tone for the show.

Anyway, the 19-year-old's pizza was misted with the extra topping during a traffic stop in Laguna Hills last September, because apparently Officer Juan Tavera decided that going into the kid's backseat and spraying his pizza down was the cool thing to do. The victim and his friends soon grew ill after consuming the pizza later on. 

Concluding that Officer Tavera must've tampered with his food, the teen called the Orange County Police Department to complain. Tavera, a six-year veteran, was charged with assault or battery by a public officer. He could face up to one year in jail if convicted for his food crime.

[via Gawker]