Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen
Address: 701 8th Ave.
Why you should go: The awesome vintage neon sign is worth enduring the tourist and frat boy crowd, for a little while at least. It looks even cooler when a couple of tubes are burned out, which is usually the case.

Smith's opened in the '40s, back when Times Square was a pretty glamorous place. Not that Smith's has ever been glamorous—its look trends to the functional end of the spectrum. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Back in the day, it was a decent bar/burger joint for local rummies and theatergoers who couldn't afford a table at Sardi's. But nowadays, with its karaoke nights and pulled pork sliders, Smith's is competing with Applebee's and Chevy's in the soul-killing dining experience conetest. The sad news is, it seems to be winning.