What do you think pissed New Yorkers off more?: 

1. John Starks' performance in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals

2. A-Rod's 2012 stats

3. Having New York City pizza ranked fourth-best in the U.S. by TripAdvisor

Right now, it seems to be the latter. The travel website listed NYC behind San Diego, Las Vegas and—brace yourselves, New YorkersBoston. This will do little to improve New York/Boston relations. Expect more of this:

Apologies for the noob "Harlem Shake", but the inclusion of that clip was a must. Anyway, the New York Post spoke to several New Yorkers about the ranking, specifically landing behind Boston. “Get out of here, that’s crazy! Boston is No. 3?” remarked a disgusted Andrew Silverstein. “I’ve had pizza in Boston, and it was a horrible experience.” The hate runs deep.

Dan Hou of Long Island City was equally disappointed. “New York is the only place where you take out-of-town guests to eat pizza. It’s a destination," he said. The Post notes that TripAdvisor is based out of Newton—a Boston suburb. What a coincidence. Anyway, the rest of the top ten included Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Philly and Phoenix. As you can see, there's no Chicago.

All Chicago residents please take a deep breath before losing your shit. We can already feel your blood pressure rising, set to the sounds of "Dis Ain't What U Want".

[via New York Post]