Neighborhood: NoHo
Address: 3 Bleecker St.

Trying to find hip-hop playing in SoHo/Nolita is like waiting on line for Jordan's at V.I.M. Granted, Von is on the stepchild side of the neighborhood right off Bowery, but this bar is a gem of a place. Two floors, a happy hour that gives you change from a fiver after tip and good hip-hop playing on pretty much any night. Like most of the bars on this list, Von just does whatever they want, whenever they want, and all the regulars love them for it. Which is probably why more birthday emails feature this bar than any in your inbox. The best nights are Thursdays, the spot's best kept secret: If you get here early for the happy hour, they're usually playing some reggae upstairs. Just be sure to stock up on one-liners to shut down all the finance chumps who will invite you into their company mixer dance circle and throw drunk hollers your girl's way by doing the cat daddy for her. Elbows are always swinging, and you don't need a bruised rib for your Friday morning meeting.