Neighborhood: Harlem
Address: 310 Lenox Ave.

If you happen to live in the fabled part of the city known as Uptown, you may or may not be experiencing the dearth of hip-hop music at bars. In Harlem, trendy spots can sometimes be uptight when compared to younger venues, but at Ginny's Supper Club, you get the best of both. Located in the lower level of Red Rooster—still uptown's "place to be seen stuntin' light" over a plate—Ginny's let's you digest properly by hitting a two-step break in the midst of all your inappropriate rap-yelling. If you run into your corny coworker and his scowling girlfriend and need to move along, new spot Silvana's is definitely open to receiving your slight nostalgia for Harlem-shakin— just don't take it too far. Nobody misses Aunt Jack.